On the second Thursday of the first six months in 2017, there will be a 1-hour webinar on innovation at noon ET. Topics on innovation that will dramatically increase your revenues for the year are as follows:
January 12 -- Business Innovation - Tips and tricks to generate innovative ideas which will dramatically increase your revenues.
February 9 -- Product Innovations - Ideas specific to creating new products which either fall in your core product area, are related to your core product area, or are outside your core product area.
March 9 -- A seminar on how to generate ideas for new services in your industry, aimed specifically at having the greatest impact on your top line revenues.
April 13 -- Process Innovation - Sometimes the way things are done is what needs to be focused on. This month will focus on how to determine if process innovation is needed, and what steps to take in order to have the greatest impact on your bottom line.
May 11 -- Innovate from Within - The focus of this seminar is helping employees and their leaders to determine best practices for getting great ideas heard and acted upon.
June 8 -- Infectious Innovation Process - James will explain how an enterprise wide innovation process can be implemented, and how it can help your organization dramatically increase revenues.

*Investment of $75 for each teleseminar, or $397 for the full series.


Allows individuals to study and learn how strong an impact that infectious innovation can have, and how to apply specific tools and techniques to help their company grow revenues through infectious innovation. Investment required of $797.


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