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•A large technology firm adopted an enterprise-wide process to increase revenues and reduce waste. We led Action Teams to address new product innovation, as well as to address process innovation for cost reduction measures. The results were that innovative product lines were created, and cost-cutting measures were implemented.

•A technology start-up was experiencing large growth. To prepare for financing, the leaders became involved in capital discussions. We stepped in to resolve the product development issues. We recommended an innovative new product development process which would ease growing tension between the software, hardware and marketing groups. We then managed all the projects until the company found someone to step into the role. The start-up experienced a tremendous increase in the cohesiveness and productivity of its employees, and was acquired by a much larger firm shortly after.

•An educational institution was innovating its business model from a pay-as-you-go to a subscription model. The performance measurement elements and dashboard had to be completely revamped in order to adjust to the new model. We performed an audit of the current system, including key business processes. Then we collected new user requirements and expectations. We recommended a new dashboard, improved processes and a collaborative tool in order to move the institution forward, and then oversaw the progress. These recommendations were implemented, and resulted in a dramatic reduction of labor intensity and technical support, and much quicker customer response times, resulting in increased satisfaction from both the client and its customers.

•A major financial services firm wanted to attract more clients to its newly opened investor center. We recommended several innovative marketing strategies to bring clients in to the customer service center, and to capture who was visiting the center. We also gave a presentation to bring in current and future clients, allowing the company to nurture relationships and increase its customer base. Our client reported a large increase in visitors to the center, and an acceleration of sales.

•A medical device firm was commercializing its prototype, and needed to appease investors by getting to market quickly. With stringent quality standards in place, the firm needed to ensure quality was high, and that everyone was on the same page. We provided enterprise-wide quality assurance processes to ensure that software, hardware and manufacturing were providing the highest quality product.

•A large government department was upgrading to an innovative Information Management tool. In order to optimize the use of this tool, several improvements needed to be made to the business architecture and information architecture. We worked with the Archives and Information Architecture sections to help them innovate their business processes. We mapped out the current processes and information being provided. Then, we mapped out the ideal processes, and provided an action plan to move to the ideal processes. The client reported dramatic improvements in labor intensity and information gathering.

•The farm team of an NHL franchise needed a team building workshop to bring the players together. We gathered management’s requirements, and created a workshop to inspire greater communication between the players. The team reported its best season ever, and the coaching staff was promoted to the NHL.

Case Studies: Ideas & Insights
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