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Since 2001, SHM Consulting has been assisting organizations to improve productivity and performance. Our clients include corporate giants such as Cisco Systems, Alcatel, Costco Wholesale, TD Waterhouse, Carleton University and Berkshire Securities, as well as many smaller firms, including professional service firms and medical practices. In the public sector we've worked with organizations such as the National Research Council, Canada School of Public Service, RCMP and Health Canada.

Our work is collaborative, involving client personnel and resources and the transfer of skills to the client. Our engagements are usually completed within one to six months. We work against specific objectives with clearly-established outcomes and timing, contributing to client business goals.

Our experience and results indicate that improved performance requires investment in people, systems and support structures. However, that investment does not necessarily require additional resources, but rather the redeployment of talents, resources and energy already present.

While each engagement is customized to the organization's objectives, the most popular engagements are for auditing, culture and advisory roles.

Audit: The Infectious Innovation team will investigate how well the organization is set up to plan and carry out innovation in all aspects of the business. The organization comes away with an audit of current business practices with regards to innovation, and recommendations on how to best improve their business practices so revenue growth can be stronger.

Culture: The Infectious Innovation team will conduct workshops and instill tools and techniques so that the organization can adopt and improve its ability to plan and carry out innovation in all aspects of the business. The client organization comes away with education, inspiration and action items to grow its culture of innovation so that revenue growth can improve dramatically both immediately and for years to come.

Advisory: James Allan is personally available on an as-needed basis to continually advise business leaders on how best to grow the business and address issues as they arise. The organization comes away with a continual set of revenue growth ideas, and action items to sustain high revenue growth.


Infectious Innovation Workshop: This is typically a one-day event held on corporate premises to educate, inform and inspire staff to use infectious innovation tools to generate ideas to grow revenues. Topics covered are specific to the client organization, such as product innovation, service innovation, process innovation, etc.

Revenue Growth Explosion: An intensive 4-day workshop to explore how innovation can be applied directly to the client organization, in order to dramatically increase revenues. The organization comes away with explosive ideas and actionable items on how innovation can help them grow revenues immediately.


James Allan has helped business leaders, individuals, association members and even professional hockey players to achieve their goals by speaking with passion and purpose. His keynotes inform, entertain, educate and, most importantly, inspire people to act.

"I am not surprised the ratings you received were so high; we all fully enjoyed your presentation. I would recommend your services to anyone requiring a keynote speaker who has the ability to inspire, inform and entertain." Christine Habash, Domtar

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